Life Groups

Small groups are a natural way to build significant relationships. In a small group we learn more about our respective faith journeys. Small groups help counteract the isolating “bigness” of our culture. They provide a much needed context of a healthy community where we learn about God, ourselves, and each other. In small groups we also form meaningful relationships.

Chapter A Month

The Chapter A Month Club is an exciting way to memorize important Scripture through a collaborative effort that provides encouragement and accountability. Every month hundreds, perhaps thousands, will memorize a potent chapter of scripture. Find our Agape Chapter A Month groups in our life group listing.

Agape Fellowship gathers together Sunday mornings at 10:30 for worship, and 9:00 for Sunday School. For any questions please call the Church Office at (570) 326-5924 Monday thru Thursday between 10:00 an 1:00.


Encourager update

Encourager update: Rather then have printed seasonal Encouragers they will now be encouragement posted on Agape's web page.There will therefore not be any deadlines posted instead as you are led to share something uplifting  you will be able to send it to Kathy...

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Module #1 : a College of Prayer event in Williamsport

A word from Pastor Dale I was introduced to the manifest presence of God in the story of Moses and the burning bush but I never thought that God could manifest His presence today. I have learned He not only can but He desires to be actively present with us. As I have...

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College of Prayer: Philadelphia Nov. 18-19, 2016

Lord, as Churches, Teach us to Pray! Be a Prayer Filled Leader College of Prayer - Philadelphia Module #5 Nov. 18-19, 2016 True Vine Church Community 4610 Devereaux St. Philadelphia, PA Registration: $50/person or $75/couple For more information and registration:...

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